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Frank’s Place – Behind The Scenes


We thought it would be interesting to show you a little of what goes on to create a “Frank’s Place” show.
The latest show “That’s Life – The Sinatra Story” is a great example of the care and attention taken to the recreate the original music and art of the great Frank Sinatra.
The show details the life of the great Frank Sinatra with 42 pieces of music (with visuals throughout). Each song has been expertly transcribed from the original recording (every instrument, every note!) and recreated for the show. To create a truly authentic sound, the live stage musicians are augmented with pre-recorded tracks (by some of London’s finest players)  to create the entire big band and orchestra.
What makes these recording (and the show) particularly special is that every track has been recorded, tempo synced to the original. This creates the same beautiful feel and emotion of the original recording and no other Sinatra performance has such attention to detail and authenticity.


All Or Nothing At All

This score is has been transcribed from the 1940 Harry James orchestra. You simply can’t recreate this stunning sound with the full big band sound.


This image is from taken from the Musical directors viewpoint, before showtime. It shows the “control centre” of the show – the computer on the left, running the visuals and pre-recorded audio and the written arrangements for the MD to direct the stage musicians. On the right is a small mixer and headphones to hear the “click track” in order to sync the live players to the pre-recorded music.


It Was A Very Good Year –

This orchestral recording has been transcribed in great detail Sinatra’s famous recording. Every note has been faithfully re-created and tempo synced to the original. When combined with the live musicians and the wonderful vocals of Frank Cognoscenti, the effect is quite magical.

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